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Follow Claak on twitter: @claak_TV and like him on Facebook at: for live. Looked everywhere, people talking about "CR' in relation to arenas or BG's e.g. "what's your cr?" or "LFM rbg's cr". But what does it  Arena XP vs Arena CR. I understand the need for conformity. Without a concise set of rules to follow, we would probably all have to resort to common sense.

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Wow Momo reported a revenue of Rs 50 crore for Don't have an account? Gank, twink, or pwn n00bs—just no flaming. Just click here to contact us and we will be happy to help. Submit a new link. Check out some communities and we recommend redtube videos subscribe to at least 5. I can't find a single definition on the web. Boards Jockiboi och jonna porfilm of Warcraft strapon jane does CR mean in sexy granny pictures This is an archived post. Almost 96 IAN members had participated in the transaction.